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Human Slug Trip Wear March 31, 2010

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Dresscode: human waterproof slug.

We are off on a trip to-day.

“It’s not the easy option”, our visionary leader pipes out in his very own patronising knob-head manner.

What the fuck do you no tosser?

Everyone who works in the education system will tell you a trip is something to look forward to, something to break up the mundane existence that is school life.

A chance to get away from that lecherous twat!

I planned my clothes last night. Something practical, warm, yet, of course keeping a little bit of  that ‘Bitchpedia’ style!

Bag packed…I am ready to go!

I arrive at work to find that I have been teamed up with senior manager. Thats fine I get on well with her. The day is looking good.

Then….Oh-my-god…..WTF is she wearing?

No, seriously, did I misunderstand the dress code of the day.

There, standing before me is Senior manager, looking like an elephant in a mini skirt!

Ahhhh shit…..I’ve now got to spend the day, with that giant arse, covered in stretched lycra!

I can’t face that all day!…. Then…. hold on…what is she doing?

WTF (expression of the day, I think), she’s now zipping herself into a full on waterproof  all in one.

I know the weather forecast said rain, but this is fucking ridiculous!

Senior manager has now transformed herself into a giant waterproof human slug!

Wish me luck guys…


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