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Milestone Birthday Cards April 1, 2010

Every Birthday is Special, but Some are Milestones!

Dumb Arse Bitch is moaning…again!

“I can’t find a 49th birthday card anywhere. Madness init? I mean they got 16, 18, 21, 30…I even saw a 40 one, but no 49ers”

I point out that 49 is not one of the milestone birthdays. But this makes DAB quite upset.

“Well it’s fucking important to me. Your just being racist against 49 year olds. Your a racist…racist…racist!” She begins to chant in the middle of the fucking staffroom.

What a fucking cretin!

But she’s screaming it out and pointing at me: “Racist…racist!”

The Squirrel who is sitting two seats away, turns to me and mutters: “Don’t worry my husbands in the BNP”

WTF! Oh great…I’m now expecting a private invite to the next Klu Klux Klan convention!

Normally I would not bother to clarify the meaning of a word to DAB, but on this occassion I felt it necessary…I need to shut the bitch up! I explain to DAB that the word she is looking for is ageist. And make it very, very clear…using simple toddler language, that I am not one of those either!

Mental Note To Self: Never talk to Dumb Arse Bitch again!


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