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A Limb dinner! April 7, 2010

Did anybody watch ‘Come Dine with Me’ this weekend, what a bunch of muppets.

Seriously, if I had to sit at a table with 4 misfits like that, I would find it very difficult not to attack myself with a steak knife.

So there are 3 women( of sorts) and a bloke- who was clearly a large knobhead!

Anyway….during the second dinner party, one of the women suddenly without warning, rips off her arm!

Now this is not a problem to me at all. But would you believe it not one person around that table asked any questions.

Surely to ask ” what happened there then” or any type of limb missing questions, would have been appropriate. The woman ripped her arm off in the middle of a dinner party, she is gonna expect some questions!

The dinner party continued, they all argued etc etc…

Not throughout the entire programme did anyone make any gesture towards her arm.

They must have been politer than me. Because the big question on my lips was ” WTF is up with that giant arm”!

The women was very attractive, thin and all round tidy to look at. So why the fuck did they sadle her with that fuck off arm.

Honestly, it was like something out of The Elephant man. It would have looked more natural if she had constructed one out of a stick!


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