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Things a mother should keep to herself. April 8, 2010

There are certain things that we as mothers are allowed to think about our children, after all, it was us that spent hours, rivalling about in pain, bringing them into the world.

But these things should remain, just that, silent in your head, for only you to ponder.

Yet, I have a friend who constantly breaks this silent rule.

The mother of all faux pa’s….

1.Mother about baby” look he’s really deformed”!

 Look love, we might poke our head in your kids pram, and think . my god, that kids got the face of an arse. But your its mother you are supposed to keep those comments to your self.

There are some things as a mother you should just keep to yourself!

2. “Look at him, he’s ruined, that’s Kevins fault always giving in to him”.

No sweetheart, it might have something to do with the fact that you let him do whatever the fuck he likes!!

3. “I would just like a normal child”.

To be fair all three of her kids are a little bit freakish, but then again, their dads not to hot! (understatement of the century)!

I would love to point out that maybe, just maybe, your kids would be slightly less fucked, if you stopped giving them caffine and sugar!


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