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Big bitch senior management. April 21, 2010

Arse9 v Trousers 0

I got to work this morning, and was full of the joys of spring- well maybe not full.

I set up the classroom and organised the first part of the day.

When in burst the iron lady. Otherwise known as Senior manager( a sad loser of a woman with no life).

She suddenly launches a massive one line bitch attack on me.

Senior manager: ” Why aren’t you at training” errrrr because its boring as fuck and my time would be better spent pulling an egg out of a chickens arse!

Insignificant me: ” I wanted to  speak to a parent, and …” the bitch cut me off with her over sized tongue.

Senior manager: ” That can wait, go to training”  she barked at me in her acid tone.

How fucking rude!

She waltzes in the classroom like a hippo on steroids.

Her giant arse narrowly escaping the clutches of the door frame.

Letting her fuck off gob go into overdrive…..

Who the fuck gave her the right to speck to me like that.

But what really gets on my rather perky tits, is, she then has the audacity to pass me in the staffroom and flash a sickly sweet smile at me.

As she walks off, her trousers are clearly having a fight with her arse crack and losing!

Fucking freak!

I tell you what, spend less time on your fucking computer and try getting a life, you horsing great loser.


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