Brit Bitches

practising the art of bitchary Brit style

Bi-polar Lesbian. April 26, 2010

Freaky staring=one weird bitch.

Mondays come around all to quickly.
Knowone looks forward to them.
So what you don’t need is your jumped up bitch boss, launching abuse at you as soon as you walk through the door.

Give a bitch a title and she is going to rise to the occasion.

My boss seems to think that this gives her the right to rant and rave to everyone.
She spends most of her time with Miss Petty Bitch stuck at her arse.
I think she likes it.

These pair have a really dodgy relationship.
Lovers tifts are a regular occurance in their relationship!

Not only does my boss have freak rude outbursts, she also has this weirdo stare thing going on.
She just stares at you and then smiles weirdly.
WTF woman are you eyeing me up, cause my sence of style ain’t that eye capturing.

Why the funk can’t people just be normal.
Not insanely angry and rude one minute and then sickly arse suckingly nice, the next.

This bitch needs some booty action.
Clearly she ain’t getting enough of something!


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