Brit Bitches

practising the art of bitchary Brit style

Petty Bitch laugh a minute. April 28, 2010

WTF is up with the woman.

I was sitting outside the classroom, and all I can hear is this cackle of fake laughter flowing through the windows.

Now, I no, this ain’t real laughter.

We are talking about someone who is so boring, she can make a room full of 11 year old boys, in a sex education class fall a sleep!

When you’re in her class, Proplus is a must!

Is she that fuckin deluded, that she believes that if she cackles loud enough, all around her will suddenly believe she got a sence of humour from the Easter bunny!!

Face it love, you’re a dull as fuck.

No amount of laughing is gonna change that!

Get back to your bleaching Miss Petty Bitch!


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