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A sofa revelation. May 3, 2010

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Warning: Genius present.

It would seem that my hubby is a genius.

You switch the television on, and all of a sudden he knows all there is to know about everything.

So, there we are sitting in the living room, gormless at the tv (as any self respecting person on a Sunday night should be).

The kids want to watch ‘Shark man’ , If it shuts them up, they can watch the whole bloody series on a loop.

Half way though the programme, it starts.

It seems, Shark man himself is sitting next to me on the sofa.

Shark man: “What are they doing, even I know you can’t lay a shark on its back”

Wife: “I’m sure they know what they are doing, and they just said they do it to stun them”

Maybe if he shut the hell up, he’d know that!

Shark man: “No, that’s rubbish, I’m not even a fisherman and I know that”

You just said it yourself- your not a fisherman, so shut the fuck up!

Yes, of course, these scientists who have made it there life’s work to study sharks, clearly know fuck all about fish.

Obviously dear husband, you are wasted building houses, get yourself a boat and hook yourself a live one!

It seems this is not the only arrow in his bow, you name it sport, SAS, random documentaries etc etc he knows it all.

My husband the genius!


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