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Just say NO! May 18, 2010

Maybe I’m just a little to protective.

But I have just watched a woman give her two-year old chewing gum.

Now, I don’t mean to be judge mental ( even thought , I am bloody good at it), but that’s fucking stupid.

Errrr, love. Have you ever heard of choking??

Or did you miss that parenting class.

Along with the one about telling your fucking kid, NO now and again.

Maybe just maybe, that’s why the world is full of obnoxious childish twats.

Because, Mummy never said NO.

Get the tit out of your mouth, he’s a big boy now and tell him fucking NO!

Deal with it now.

Or this dickhead ain’t ever gonna get a girlfriend.

 No self respecting girl is gonna want  a bloke who spits the dummy everytime she says NO!


3 Responses to “Just say NO!”

  1. kimmy0808 Says:

    I totally agree with you here.

  2. Iain Says:

    It’s the same when they start work. The company I work for gets these teenagers in for cheap labour and they don’t know how to deal with authority.

    I just sack the fuckers, pretending I’m doing it to teach them a valuable life lesson.

  3. fallendepths Says:

    OMG! We have a whole generation of unemployable twats that employers are just going to have to either take the time to raise in the workplace or just skip that generation and hire around it. I had one come into the office yesterday 25 minutes late, unprepared for the meeting that was supposed to take place in 5 minutes but now couldn’t because he didn’t prepare, and he had the audacity to be carrying a bag of McDonald’s breakfast. I found him at his desk enjoying his breakfast…

    I said, “You’re late.” He said, “A little bit…what’s up.” So…I bit his head off and took the afternoon off.


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