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April 24, 2010

The happy (?) couple!

Breaking news!

Oh no, who would have thought it.

Katie and Alex Reids marriage is on the rocks, New magazine wouldn’t lie!
If this is, in fact true.
What does this say about the sacred union, which is marriage.
If Katie and Alex can’t go the distance, how are any of us couples suppose to get there.
This is damming news for all those newly weds out there.

In Alex’s defence it must be unnerving waking up next to someone who’s expression remains the same, no matter what the mood!

What a croak of crap.
Is this really a shock to any of us?
Pete must be doing a jig!


An unMarked Kerry- WTF! April 14, 2010

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The happy couple!

I brought the Daily Mail today.

Now is it just me, is Kerry Kantona having a tattoo lasered off, really news??

Who gives a flying fuck if she’s split up from her husband and has finally ”taking her first step into her zappy new life” and having his mark (get it, perhaps I should have written the article, Mark Croft- mark removed!!!) removed.

What a load off bollocks!!


Noal attack! April 10, 2010

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I would just like to thank the guy who attacked Noal Gallager and pushed him off the stage.

Well done that guy!


A posh hug. April 9, 2010

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Do you think Posh Spice has to wear corner protectors on her knees and elbows to shield the kids from harm, when they go in for a hug!!


Kill Dot Off!! April 8, 2010

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Please, oh wonderful watches of tv.

Stop abusing your eyes. 

Give your retina a break from the wrinkled skeletal face, which is Dot Branning.

Kill Dot off….Kill Dot off……Kill Dot off…..


Love is in the air- or at least on the front cover of Ok! April 6, 2010

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Loves young dream!

Have you heard the latest….

Apparently Kerry Katona and Peter Andre are in love!!

Through all the snorting, magazine deals and cheesy albums they re-kindled their special jungle friendship, and are now back in each others arms.

Now is that a match made in heaven, or what?- is it fuck?



East End Hunk-o-licious. March 30, 2010

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Hunk in trunks!

Emmmmmm…..Jack Branning…..What more can I say!

He is lush, lush,lush!

The only problem….the ginger gene!